How can our solutions help you?

Whether you are a loyalty program, a retailer or business owner, a developer or simply a member of multiple loyalty programs, Points has a product or platform designed for you. All our solutions are made possible by the Points Loyalty Commerce Network: a globe-spanning network of deep relationships with over 50 of the world's largest and most popular loyalty programs.
By plugging into the Points Loyalty Commerce Network:
  • loyalty partners integrate with products and platforms that increase their currency distribution, drive member engagement and provide relevant earn and burn opportunities;
  • retailers of all sizes incentivize and reward their customers and shape their behavior by tapping into some of the world’s most well-loved loyalty programs;
  • product partners (such as app developers or digital wallet operators) seamlessly integrate loyalty into everyday transactions, delivering additional value to users that gives them the power to influence consumer behavior;
  • consumers manage all of their loyalty programs wherever they are and have more opportunities to earn, exchange and redeem points and miles.

Find the solution that's right for you

Points Loyalty Wallet
A multi-channel member engagement platform for loyalty partners
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Points Travel
A customizable travel booking platform designed specifically for the loyalty industry
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Buy, Gift and Transfer
Sell your loyalty currency directly to your members
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Points Business Solutions
Buy points and miles from loyalty giants to award to your customers
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Additional and Custom Solutions
New and unique earn and burn opportunities for your members
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