Buy, Gift & Transfer
Sell your loyalty currency directly to your members
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Create engaged customers and increase revenue in your own loyalty program with Points’ core products: Buy, Gift and Transfer. Points Buy and Gift lets your members buy points or miles for themselves that are deposited into their accounts, or as gifts for others deposited via email codes. Points Transfer enables a member within your program to transfer currency out of his or her own account and into that of another member.
How it Works
Individual loyalty programs, merchants or any other consumer service applications can implement Buy, Gift and Transfer functionality by plugging into our Loyalty Commerce Platform’s BGT-specific APIs.
BGT products also include features to help grow and optimize the funnel, such as:
  • Inline, which allows customers to buy extra points/miles during the online travel-booking process
  • Call Centre, which enables call centre agents to sell points/miles to customers by phone
  • Fast Track, which allows members to skip the login page and go directly to the BGT storefront with their member details pre-populated
  • Distributed offers, which enables our partners to distribute personalized member offers to channels outside the BGT storefront, such as their homepage, their loyalty wallet etc
  • Personalized offers, which enables our partners to hyper-target offers for their members based on member validation and single sign on data
Your members pay per point or mile purchased. Points is responsible for all processing fees, and you incur no operation costs. Our quick implementation process gets you up and running, with minimal effort from your IT team, so you can remain focused on your core business.
Best-in-class security
We offer proven fraud management procedures to protect our partners. This includes best-in-class security, market-leading fraud prevention, SOX and Level 1 PCI compliance.
Significant revenue
Buy, Gift and Transfer generates a total of more than $400 million in revenue for our loyalty program partners each year. We’ll support your program and help it succeed with our full-service marketing plans, best-practice operations and campaign analysis.