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Loyalty Currency Retailing

Loyalty program members become disengaged for many reasons: they don’t have enough currency to get their desired reward; their currency expires; they drop down a tier in status. Fortunately, Points’ Loyalty Currency Retailing solutions can help them fall back in love with your program by opening up new opportunities to reach their reward goals.

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Increased engagement

Allowing members to top up and share loyalty currency to meet reward thresholds measurably increases program satisfaction and long-term engagement.

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Increased revenue

We'll support your program to ensure its success with full-service marketing, including data-driven campaigns and analysis.

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No technology costs

Points builds, maintains, and enhances your white-labeled site at no cost, with support for 33+ languages, and 50+ currencies.

With a single, effortless integration, enable your members to do so much more with your currency:

Buy it to top up

Buy currency to top up their accounts to reach a reward.

Mix it with cash

Combine currency with cash to pay for their bookings.

Use it to stay elite

Buy or redeem currency to maintain or upgrade status.

Un-expire it

Reinstate expired currency back into their accounts.

Earn it 3x faster

Double or triple the currency earned on their bookings.

Transfer it

Share their currency by transferring it to other members.

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Create more value for your
reward currency

Get the benefits of loyalty currency retailing working for you.

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