Points Loyalty Wallet
A multi-channel member engagement platform for loyalty partners
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The Points Loyalty Wallet is a platform that connects businesses to loyalty program members around the world using a series of APIs. The service enables loyalty programs, merchants and other consumer service applications to embed balance tracking and loyalty commerce transactions into their product offerings, on a website or in an app.
How it Works
The Points Loyalty Wallet facilitates integrations into Points’ Loyalty Commerce Platform. It enables frictionless exchanges between programs with PCI compliance, facilitates broader currency distribution across partner programs and platforms, and embeds loyalty into everyday transactions. It enhances and simplifies the process of connecting loyalty program members, retail consumers and mobile wallet users.
The Points Loyalty Wallet is available through a Points-hosted solution, or accessible through our APIs.
Learn more about API integration on our developer site.
Effortless Integration
Points’ loyalty partners enjoy the technology infrastructure and support of the industry’s most advanced loyalty currency management provider. We act as an extension to your own IT platform, so you can plug in and go, with no heavy lifting needed from your IT team.
Wider distribution
For a loyalty program, currency ubiquity is the key to more users and greater engagement. The Points Loyalty Wallet helps loyalty programs serve up opportunities to earn and burn currency to more people, in more places, and through brand-new channels outside of their own.
Ability to change behavior
Retailers use the wallet to motivate consumer behaviour with loyalty. We link you to the currencies your customers know and love, so you can offer them rewards that matter. Using our deep industry experience, we’ll help you create offers that will influence their purchasing decisions.